Report: Murdoch Lining Up Crisis Managers to Protect Stations, Other U.S. Media


It’s all News Corp., all the time in the news cycle for the foreseeable future, and Howard Kurtz at Daily Beast reports that the corporation is firming up crisis management people outside the company to protect its U.S. media properties, such as the Fox owned stations, Fox News Channel and the New York Post, from barbed queries from the media.

Writes Kurtz:

News Corp. is developing a plan to insulate its American media outlets from the fallout as the FBI launches a preliminary investigation of whether laws were broken on this side of the Atlantic. The company expects to hire another outside public-relations firm to help spearhead that effort and field inquiries involving Fox News, local Fox stations, and the New York Post.

Two high-level American advisers quickly flew to Murdoch’s side in London. One is Joel Klein, the former New York City schools chancellor, who is in charge of the overall effort. The other is Steven Rubenstein, who represents the New York Post as president of the firm chaired by his father, Howard Rubenstein.

I’ve been asking some Fox affiliate managers (not O&Os) if they’re seeing any fallout from the phone-hacking scandal, either on the viewer or the advertiser side. Multiple GMs said there are too many layers between a News Corp.-owned paper in London and a Fox-affiliated station in, say, the Midwest for viewers–or advertisers–to make the connection, much less stop watching or advertising.

A more common issue, says some Fox affiliates, is viewers assuming the station is closely aligned with Fox News Channel.

“They think we’re Fox News Channel because of the Fox moniker,” says one. “But there’s very little tie to Murdoch.”

[image: AP]