Report: Jack Sander to Own Belo Stations in Gannett Markets


One question stemming from the massive Gannett-Belo deal last week is, who will own the Belo stations in markets where the two groups overlap, including St. Louis and Phoenix.

The Dallas Morning News says it is Jack Sander, former Belo exec, a B&C Hall of Famer, and something of an industry legend.

Here’s what the paper said:

Both companies own stations in five markets - Louisville, Ky.; Phoenix; Portland, Ore.; St. Louis; and Tucson, Ariz. Gannett officials say they can avoid antitrust concerns by turning ownership of Belo stations in those markets over to an independent operator, which would share service agreements with Gannett.

Jack Sander, a former Belo executive in Dallas, would own and operate the stations in those five markets.

I’m seeking confirmation from Belo and Gannett on this.