'Reaper': Good, Clean Halloween Fun


I expected more gore from the Halloween episode of Reaper, and less whining. I haven’t really noticed that much whining up until now–please cut it out, CW. Also, I hadn’t realized it was on The CW up until now–that’s what happens when you start to DVR everything, I suppose.

The show is vaguely reminiscent of Buffy, but if I had to guess, I would have thought it was on Fox. Of course, I shouldn’t have to guess, since I recorded it. Apparently, I don’t really pay attention to which channels I’m clicking on when I set up my recordings at the beginning of the week. Glad I’m not, like, their target demographic or anything.

Moving on from my complete lack of network fealty, whining aside, I really like Reaper. I don’t know if you, readers, have noticed, but that seems to be the theme of every post I write lately, and it’s because the fall season is really, really good. I have very little to complain about, and so much to write about that I actually enjoy watching. 

Reaper is goofy and not really at all scary, considering the lead character is the Devil’s bounty hunter and all, which is exactly my kind of scary. There are a lot of funny jokes each episode which aren’t necessarily situational jokes, they’re just good writing–and again, goofy, the best sound bites you’d hear just sitting around joking with your friends, tacked on as an added bonus outside the plot line.

Last night, Sock told Sam (the eponymous Reaper) to “Show ‘em you’re the cat’s nuts.” I don’t know if we can print that on this site [Editor’s Note: Yes, we can.], but if you can read it, go ahead and tell me that little non sequitur didn’t make you laugh. I didn’t even know that Kevin Smith–yes, of Clerks fame–directed the show until about 10 minutes ago. I was searching for a way to describe the verbal slapstick of the asides, and what I came up with was “Kevin Smith-esque.” So there you have it. He’s stayed true to form.

Also, last night’s episode had comedian Patton Oswalt as a guest star, and if there’s another trend in my posts, it’s that to get me to like a show, the creators just need to include someone I’ve enjoyed watching elsewhere, be it a comedian, a Broadway star, or an actor from another show I bring up far too often in conversation to be healthy (see previous posts for: BSG, Veronica Mars).

Reaper has Ray Wise in every episode, so right there I’m happy–I’ve seen him most recently in 24, but he’s been all over the map. Patton Oswalt didn’t talk about chicken at all, (you can google that if you don’t know what I’m talking about), but he did get to create a huge gun with his hand and wave it around while looking completely non-threatening, so that was pretty funny.

Thus, this episode had: Funny jokes, a funny guest actor, a recognizable recurring character, and, oh, the lead isn’t too hard on the eyes, in an I-think-I’ve-dated-someone-who-looked-just-like-him sort of way. All in all, can’t go wrong. I just wish they’d throw more jokes his way, as the character went from understandably dazed and confused to the long-suffering hero in the six-episode arc we’ve seen so far.

If you’re good, I’ll tell you all about Private Practice. I thought it was on Thursdays. I mean, that’s when I watch it, from my DVR.