The Reality About Reality


I find most reality TV just so… fake. I can’t see a scene from The Hills and imagine it as actually happening to these people, I mean, how many takes do they get? But what Reverend Run of Run DMC and his family went through during the episode of his show that I caught this weekend, revealed that, every so often, reality TV can be almost too real

On Run’s House, a reality show following Rev Run,  last season ended with the announcement that Justine, Run’s wife, was pregnant. Unfortunately, the baby had a medical disorder, and died during birth. The cameras were there. While the tragic moment itself was not shown during this season’s premiere last week, the program did show Run’s other children being informed of the news. With all of the fakeness of so much reality TV, seeing something so real can ground you back on earth.

Many "reality" shows have teams of writers or producers whose purpose is to create storylines. While interesting things can and do happen to all of us on an everyday basis, I suspect that a little prodding from a producer, along with some creative editing, may make life seem more appealing to an outside observer.

The Real World on MTV is considered the granddaddy of reality TV, but as mentioned so many times by critics, it sure oesn’t seem real. The Osbournes, also on MTV, showed Ozzy Osbourne in a new light: as a family man. However, it was revealed that the "family meetings" they had on the show were suggested by producers, and some of the wacky things they did are things they probably would not have done had there not been a film crew around.

That is why when something "real" happens on a reality TV show it becomes all the more shocking.