Rap, Rap. Who's There?

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Fans of CBS' Ghost Whisperer can spend Valentines Day communing with the dead.

CBS.com is hosting an online seance with James Van Praagh, co-executive producer on the show, which features Jennifer Love Hewitt as a Praagh-like parlayer with the dearly, or some not so dearly, departed.

The hour seance will start at 3 p.m. NYT, 12 p.m. PT. No EET (eerie ectoplasm time) was provided, but I guess only the spirits know what time they are on.

"The public will be able to call Van Praagh at 323-CBS-1000 and speak to him personally as he connects with the dead," sayd CBS optimistically, "while others can simultaneously converse in a designated chat room."

Why am I reminded of the Bullwinkle exhcange:

Bullwinkle: "Eeny meeny, chili beaney, the spirits are about to speak."

Rocky: "Are they friendly spirits?

Bullwinkle: "Just listen."

Come to think of it, they will be communing with me unless I remember to order those flowers for my wife.

By John Eggerton