Pro-Colbert PAC Ads Run on WCSC


WCSC Charleston is the lucky recipient of an ad buy from The Definitely Not Coordinated With Stephen Colbert Super PAC, the political action committee promoting the Comedy Central funnyman in his would-be presidential campaign.

Raycom owns WCSC, a CBS affiliate.

Rita Littles Scott says the series of spots, poking fun at Mitt Romney (that 60 second ad is called Attack in B Minor For Strings) and even Herman Cain, will run through Thursday. (You can see some of the spots here.) She says the buy was for less than $10,000–or, just enough to get dopey reporters like me to write about the Colbert PAC.

Littles Scott believes WCSC is the only station to get the Colbert PAC spots. Colbert’s Charleston roots were certainly a factor in targeting WCSC, as well as the station’s place in the local TV pecking order in DMA No. 97.

“We are the No. 1 station in the market,” she says. “I’m glad he chose this station.”

A press release from the PAC says the “major ad buy will blanket South Carolina from Charleston all the way to North Charleston.”

An email to the PAC’s communications director prompted this blanket response:

All of us at Colbert Super PAC are busy making a better tomorrow, tomorrow.

Your inquiry will be addressed in the order that it was received, unless you are the Wall Street Journal or something like that. In which case, we might get back to you a little quicker.