Primetime Emmys: Barry Sonnenfeld Gets Scatological


After winning for outstanding writing on a comedy series, Pushing Daisies Executive Producer Barry Sonnenfeld came back to the press tent and proceeded to deliver the scatological version he thoughtfully spared the viewing public.

Explaining why his wife and agent prefer that he not speak in front of people, Sonnenfeld said, “Oten I will get up on stage and talk about my penis. On the Ltterman show, I’ve talked about my scrotum or my testicles. So normally I would start by talking about my penis.”

Wow. Nice.

Sonnenfeld sobered up soon enough and began to praise his Daisies colleague Bryan Fuller and ABC Entertainment chief Stephen McPherson.

“Truly, Bryan Fuller deserves this Emmy,” he said. “So much of what he wrote, I get credit for.”

“And Steve McPherson—who I refer to as Mr. Happy—has just been fantastic,” Sonnenfeld said.

Addressing the reported friction between he and Warner Bros. TV chief Peter Roth last season over budget overruns, Sonnefeld said, “The whole Peter Roth thing that you read about last year was really a coup attempt by an executive producer who’s no longer on the show. I think Peter is great. I love being hugged by him [a reference to Roth’s penchant for hugging it out, bitch]. Peter has really stepped up in terms of the budget.”

But he was back to the blue soon enough, as he talked about progress on the second season (episode 9 is currently shooting).

“The scripts are better than last year; I think they’re funnier,” he said. “Kristen Chenoweth is great—we’re making sure we show her firm and supple breasts.”

By Joel Topcik