Presidential Push


Law & Order is turning out to be quite the politically active show. Not only does Dick Wolf tackle real-world themes and issues in his plotlines, but the actors in his show are taking to the political stage with a vengeance.

Fred Thompson,. the former Senator who has made a second career out of acting, appears to be throwing his hat in the ring for the presidency, although nothing official until probably early July. But he is only the second major star from that series to push for a new face in the White House.

Sam Waterston is looking for a new boss in Washington, too. He has been the most public face and voice behind an effort to launch a third party ticket made up of a Republican and a Democrat..

Both Thompson and Waterston have tried on the mantle, at least in their day jobs. Waterston has played Lincoln, notably in a TV version of Gore Vidal's excellent historical novel, and Thompson recently got to play Lincoln's favorite General, U.S. Grant.

By John Eggerton