Pot Luck


Just a few moments after posting a review of the Weeds season premiere from Guest Blogger/High Times editor Steve Bloom, I headed out for a little lunch. Wouldn’t you know it–I was greeted by a “Munchies Mobile” that was parked along Madison Square Park. The vehicle was there to promote the Showtime hit, with TV screens and a veritable Green Team handing out marijuana-scented flyers that were chock full of pot double entendres (two: “Her Highness,” and “Putting the herb in suburb”), as well as containers of Ben & Jerry’s. (B&C tech guy Glen Dickson was disappointed to venture out later and only receive some generic Cherry Torpedo popsicle for his efforts.)

Not sure if my interaction with the Munchies Mobile marked the presence of a, uh, higher power, or what. But the Cookie Dough ice cream sure was good.

By Michael Malone