Positive Stories That Don't Get Ratings--And Negative Ones That Do


David Carroll (above), reporter at WRCB Chattanooga, has an interesting post on the dilemma of showing positive stories that don’t get ratings–and negative ones that do. He’s called it “Why Don’t Y’all Ever Show Any Good News?”.

He writes:

Let’s face it, human nature dictates the news. Look outside. Are cars going by, observing the speed limit, not running into each other? That’s nice, but boring. But remember the last time you saw a wreck? How long did you stare at that? News is made up of unusual things that happen; some good, some bad. The things that get the most attention are negative. If my channel leads the news tonight with the community parade, and the other channel leads with prostitution arrests, guess who will win the ratings battle?

Carroll is the author of Chattanooga Radio and Television.

You can read his essay here.