Poll Position


According to CNN exit polling, 54% of respondents say they disapprove of the job President Barack Obama is doing. That is likely going to be reflected in a swing of the House to Republican control.

But the same poll found that the finger of blame for the current economic woes was pointed most at neither this president, nor the former one.

Bankers were the top target at 35% blaming  Wall Street. Former President George W. Bush was blamed by 29%, with 24% blaming President Obama.

A fox exit poll found  73% either angry at, or at least dissatisfied with, government.

Interestingly, Wolf Blitzer talked about Democrats “desperately” trying to hold onto the Senate when most polls and even CNN have suggested it would be difficult to virtually impossible for Republicans to turn the 10 seats needed, with estimates of pickups of between 4 and 8 seats.

Republicans need 39 seats to reclaim the House and its accompanying leaderhip posts and chairmanships. They are widely expected by analysts and pollsters to gain at least 45 seats, with some scenarios pushing that to as many as 60 seats.

The Cook Political Report estimates that Republicans will pick up 50-60 seats in the House and 6-8 seats in she Senate, adding that it is a seeming impossiblity for Republicans to pick up the 10 seats.

Talking about the 50 million spent on the Nevada Senate race, Blitzer comments that that should be good for the TV stations in Las Vegas.