I was sorry to hear that Sinclair is scrapping its, The Point, political commentaries.

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The company was accused of pushing a conservative point of view, but so what. That is like saying a newspaper's editorials were pushing its conservative–or liberal–point of view, depending on the paper.

That is what opinion pages–or broadcast editorials–are for, and so long as they are labeled as such, should not only be tolerated but celebrated. Broadcasters do to little commenting, not too much.

I don't always, or even frequently, agree with Sinclair, but I still remember when an executive of the company was the only witness at a congressional hearing to stand up to the legislators when they tossed around generalizations without sufficient expertise to back it up, which is often the case. I wish more broadcasters would stand up to Washington.

Ever notice that legislators call stations "networks" and sometimes don't seem to know the difference between cable and broadcast. And we're expecting them to be able to oversee the FCC?

But I digress.

By John Eggerton.