Pittman Plugs Local TV


A broadband-video business site called VideoNuze has an interesting pre-NATPE interview with former AOL president/MTVN CEO Bob Pittman about the state of television. . 

"Broadcast stations are greatly unappreciated," Pittman says off the bat. "TV is America’s hobby. Look at any category, the biggest is always the most important. So we want to invest in place where most people are. It is a fantastic advertising medium. There’s no substitute for TV advertising. It works like nothing else. It’s still wildly cheap…"

Pittman also warns against becoming too excited about broadband’s ability to compete with traditional television.

"The idea of people sitting down and watching their computer is a small part of the overall audience," he says. "So we have to be careful not to talk about fringe uses as if they’re going to be major uses."

Thanks to Lost Remote for sharing the link.