Philly Anchor's Tweet Draws Fire


Joyce Evans, anchor at WTXF Philadelphia, is responsible for what calls “a  remarkably ill-advised” tweet that likened a mass shooting in Philly to an episode of Breaking Bad.

Last night, @JoyceEvansFox29  tweeted:

“Thought “Breaking Bad” was hot last Sunday? @FOX29philly See who’s breakin’ bad in SW Philly leavin’ 6 people SHOT - Tonite at Ten!”

The Twitter posting caused a flurry of tweets charging her with being inappropriate, and spawned the hashtag #JoyceEvansTweets, with Twitter users coming up with their own taste-challenged TV show-street carnage late-news promos. To wit:

“SAVED BY THE BELL? Not when a serial killer’s at the door. Watch out, North Philadelphia!! Wild speculation tonight at 10,” tweeted @RCHains.

Evans immediately took to Twitter to defend herself.

“Last tweet NOT AST ALL A JOKE. Very real life drama was the point as oppose to one that end on tv. That was my point”

Evans has been with the Fox-owned station in Philly since ‘96.

WTXF did not have a comment at presstime.