For Peet's Sake, Look at the Camera!


Studio 60 is the smartest thing on TV right now. Aspects of it may not exactly be new, but they seem new to the small screen. With last night’s premiere, we witness the return of Aaron Sorkin to his playwright roots–the writing feels more like it’s suited for the stage than for television. There is no confessional-style exposition; instead every line is loaded with subtext, saying far more than the sum of its words. The characters speak faster than most of us can think. The "Ooh! Zing!" moments fly fast and furious.

A few musings:

* The actor playing "Standards and Practices" (Michael Stuhlbarg as Jerry Jones) lapses into a fairly convincing impression of Bradley Whitford-as-Josh Lyman during his opening dialogue with Wes Mendell.

* Director Tommy Schlamme appears to have told Amanda Peet to end each of her scenes by looking slightly to the right of the camera, curling her lip, and holding very still.

* Hopefully more veterans of Sorkin shows get bit parts. Sports Night alum Felicity Huffman's cameo was most welcome; I'm looking forward to seeing Joshua Malina and Peter Krause pop up as well.

By Guest Blogger Elizabeth McKeon