Parents of Slain Anchor Tell Different Story


Guy and Patti Cannady, parents of murdered KATV Little Rock anchor Anne Pressly, asserted their belief on Today this morning that their daughter was targeted because she was a TV personality. Their perspective seems to clash with Little Rock police, who believe the attack was random, and suspect Curtis Vance’s motivation was burglary. 

The Cannadys suggested the excessively brutal nature of the attack–they spoke of numerous skull and facial fractures and a broken hand Pressley suffered fighting off her attacker–indicates it wasn’t just a burglary that went wrong. They also spoke of evidence revealing that Pressley was sexually assaulted, which the Little Rock police have not said. 

Guy Cannady told Matt Lauer:
“Their suspicion is that he woke Anne up, and once he saw her he felt compelled to beat her. There are unanswered questions; there are aspects we’re concerned about, again, because of the brutality of it.

“The police are treating this as a homicide but there is a lot of evidence, a lot of forensics, that indicates there was more to it than just the assault,” he added.

The Cannadys also spoke of Anne’s lifelong dream to co-host Today.