Out to Launch

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Broadcasters either have or haven’t launched their DTV education PSA campaign.I’m going with "have" but I’ll keep you posted.

Initially they had planned to launch it sometime in mid-2008, then it seemed to move back to early 2008, then to late 2007 and then, two weeks ago, it was the end of September.

The fact that the National Cable & Telecommunications Association launched their own $200 million campaign and started collecting warm fuzzies from Capitol Hill undoubtedly had something to do with the advancing launch date.

But almost immediately after announcing a Sept. 24 press conference to add trumpets and flourishes to their decision to move up the campaign, the National Association of Broadcasters issued a release on Friday saying the unveiling had been moved to October.

NAB said it was a scheduling issue, though scheduling it on the eve of public forums on the DTV transition at both the National Telecomunications & Information Association and FCC  seemed to make a lot of sense to me.

NAB has already delivered the first PSA (pubic service announcement) to stations, so my guess is the campaign has begun even without the brass band.