O'Reilly Worth More than Cooper?


I can report that Fox’s Bill O’Reilly is now worth more than CNN’s Anderson Cooper, at least when it comes to charity auction bids at press time.

The auction, for the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights, features a bunch of TV-related items, including meets and greets with news and entertainment stars.

While Cooper took the early lead, O’Reilly stormed back. The current price to attend a taping of Cooper’s 360 on CNN, then a visit and photo op afterwards remains at $2,000, with 7 bids, while the price of attending a taping of O’Reilly’s Factor plus a visit and photo op is now up to $3,055, with 16 bids.

That is just under the $3,100 currently bid for dinner with Bill Cosby, plus a four-pack of wine from his cellar and four signed copies of his latest book.

The highest bid in the auction so far is for Oprah taping plus the meet and greet and photo op, at a whopping $27,500, followed by a visit with the cast on the set of House, plus a signed cane from star Hugh Laurie. That one is at $25,000.

The auction ends May 28.

PS. For any music fans out there, there is currently a steal in the iconic instrument department. Stevie Wonder’s harmonica (OK, he has lots, but its his, signed and concert-played), with a current bid of only $550.