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Job seekers – here’s a Web site that might help you land that next gig more quickly than if you just keep slugging it out there alone. just launched this week, and it offers one-on-one career, interview and resume coaching all via computer. The site is not broadcast/cable/entertainment -specific and it does have this somewhat annoying pop-up narrator, but you can shut her down pretty quickly. No matter what sort of job you’re looking for, all job seekers could benefit from good interviewing skills. Frankly, I’m not sure how I’ve ever gotten a job because while I’m great at interviewing others, I don’t know how good I am at responding.

For the interview coaching, you sign on to the site, pick one of 55 fields and review the coaches’ bios within that field. Once you’ve selected a coach and set up a time, you attach a Web cam to your computer, sign up for Skype, and then you’re off to the races.

“Many people aren’t fluent with interviewing. They haven’t had to interview for a job in 15 years,” says Jeff Garber, the site’s founder. “In this job market, people are receiving 300 to 500 resumes for any one job and only a handful of people are selected for an interview, so you really want to ace it.”

A one-hour online interview or career coaching session costs $129 per hour. The resume expert – in which you fill out a detailed online form and have a resume designed for you – costs $195. If you add a career coaching session, that price increases to $325.

Those prices sounded a little steep to me, and if I were unemployed, they would sound even steeper, but Garber says they are far less than what traditional career counseling services cost.

“Typical resume-writing services charge anywhere from $695 to $1400 and they are crafted by generalists for the most part. We wanted to create the best service while making it affordable. No one has ever done this on this scale one-on-one using Web technology.”  

Garber, who has founded other companies including advertising and marketing research firm OpusCommGroup, says the tough job market convinced him and his partners to launch

“We were trying to determine what in this tough environment would be a great opportunity. There are three components in building a business: Is there a need out there? Can you create a revenue stream? How can you help people? In this market, we were really trying to figure out how to make lemonade out of lemons.” doesn’t have a broadcast/cable/entertainment-specific category, but it does offer access to HR specialists in related categories, such as communications and engineering. He says the site is looking for human resource specialists in broadcasting and cable-related fields – creative services, production, account services – so if you fit that description and you’re looking for some work, check out Garber’s site.