Now This is User Generated Content


I have written about YouTube before, most of the stuff you see is pretty amateurish, lots of teenagers dancing in front of webcams, a sort of America’s Funniest Home Videos 2.0.

But there is some really good content there as well, ranging from five-minute melodramas (I’m looking at you LonelyGirl15) to professionalprogramming. Occupying a happy place in between the amateur dance videos and the original quality programming is fan made content.

Taking video and/or audio from popular shows and “remixing” it to create something fresh is not exactly new, I wrote about it before. However, today I saw what might be the best example I have seen so far. YouTube user Esquire360 took the trailer for the (awesome, in my opinion) summer action flick The Bourne Ultimatum and combined it with video, and some audio, from NBC’s The Office:

All I can say is, wow. Very well done.

Truly people like Esquire360 are the Turntablists of the 21st century.