Not-That-Free Speech


One of B&C's top, if unofficial, Web proofers says that Bill Maher claims CBS offered him one of the slots on its "free speech" evening news segment. That is the one that is still trying to find its C-legs, as it were, so it is more than just BS.

Maher may be pulling our collective legs, which he does with such skill, but he says CBS vetoed him when he suggested he wanted to talk about religion and instead said they would send him a list of acceptable topics.

If true, the irony is thicker than the pancake makeup on some news anchors I could name but won't.

A list of approved free speech topics? Say it aint so CBS.

OK, the did say it aint so. Rome Hartman, executive producer of the news broadcast, says Maher was never told he couldn't talk about religion, according to CNN.

By John Eggerton