No More 'Wright Stuff' Headlines

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I will miss NBCU Chairman Bob Wright. He answered my calls and stood on principle on issues I shared his passion for.

Of course, now that I think about it, Jeff Zucker once returned my call from the back of a car in transit between appointments, so maybe that is a good sign going forward. I don't know what his passions are beyond outprogramming the competition.

NBC held out the longest against the V-Chip/ratings systems, which I applauded when I thought the system would chill content. But with the FCC around to do that, the chip became first an innocuous apendage and now the hope for First Amendment freedom.

So, when NBC decided to join the other networks use the content descriptors–V for violence, L for langauge–I applauded that too because once broadcasters could say they had an effective blocking tool, they should be as free from FCC content regs as The Playboy Channel.

By John Eggerton