Nip/Tuck: FX


"So if it’s not the great show it was, the latest incarnation proves extremely watchable, which is surely welcome. Besides, as the surgeons might observe, nobody stays flawless for long." (Variety) "I wish I hated this cheeseball show as much as I used to. But damn, if it ain’t a hoot and a half." ( NY Post) "That’s because, in Hollywood, the power dynamic between Christian and Sean has shifted, with Sean snatching more of the limelight. This, as much as the showbiz relocation, makes "Nip/Tuck" so much fun again. After a few years of serial killers and skinheads, it’s good to visit the lighter side of this series." (NY Daily News) "Sean and Christian’s latest adventures come with a fresh setting – they’ve moved the practice from Miami to L.A., Ground Zero for plastic surgery hijinks. But the only familiar territory in season five is their area of professional expertise. The guys have to re-establish themselves in a highly competitive and closed environment, a concept more crippling to sex-hound Christian’s style than to Sean’s." (Seattle Post-Intelligencer) "By season four, "Nip/Tuck" seemed to run out of steam and story, and then it ended with a surprise: The docs pulled up stakes from Miami and moved to Hollywood, the mecca of plastic surgery. It seemed like a last-ditch effort to breathe new life into an aging show. Having watched the first two episodes, I’m pleasantly surprised to say: It worked." (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) "We may yet have to endure a midseason collapse, but so far, “Nip/Tuck” is back to being the frothy, fun and knowing show it was in its early days. Yet in its new season, it also has that undertone of pathos and self-doubt that has, when it’s at its best, made “Nip/Tuck” much more than just another sexy medical drama." (Chicago Tribune) "Improved though it may be, Nip/Tuck is unlikely to reclaim its spot as the hottest show on TV. But at least now it seems less likely to self-immolate." (USA Today) "Reinvention is the mother of necessities. But when the tricky task is done right - precisely right - you’ve got yourself a brand new creation." (Newsday) "These days, TV is chock-full of makeover reality series that promise happiness. Fix your skin, they seem to say, and you’ll fix your spirit. "Nip/Tuck," with all its garishness and absurdity, is the conscience of those shows. It’s here to remind us that you really can’t entirely cure despair with plastic surgery or, as this season will show, fame." (Boston Globe) "Ten minutes into the season premiere of "Nip/Tuck" and you have to wonder what those deeply disturbed plastic surgeons were doing wasting four seasons, and all that unexplored sexual tension, in Miami when they so clearly belong in Los Angeles." (LA Times)