Nina Tassler's Moonlighting Gig


As if Nina Tassler, president of CBS Entertainment, isn’t busy enough with her day job. Soon she may be moonlighting.

Tassler confirmed that she plans to begin studying to become a cantor.

In the Jewish religion, a cantor conducts the liturgical portion of the service, singing and chanting the prayers. The study and credentialing process can take up to five years.

She’ll study at Hebrew Union College, a large Jewish education institution with campuses in New York , Los Angeles and Jerusalem.

Tassler’s husband is observant and two years ago, she was Bat Mitzvahed.

Tassler’s musical background runs deep. She studied theater as an undergraduate at Boston University. Becoming a cantor, she said, allows her to unite her musical inclinations with her spirituality.

To watch a video interview with Tassler, click here.