Nielsen Lists Most Memorable Commercials For 2013

State Farm scores with “Daaa-ble check” spot

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers might be sidelined by injury, but his commercials are still scoring big.

According to Nielsen, Rogers’ spot for State Farm that highlights the insurer’s “discount double check” feature—that’s daaa-ble check among fans of the rival Chicago Bears—was the most memorable commercial among viewers in 2013. The spot was also most memorable among male viewers, age 13 and up.

The most memorable spot among women age 13 and up was for Restasis Eyecare, beating out KFC for the spot.

Nielsen also measures product integrations and says that a big winner involved a character from CBS’ sitcom Mike & Molly eating M&Ms.

There is a full list of the most memorable TV advertising for 2013 on Nielsen’s blog.