News 12 Not Local Enough


It was as if an episode of COPS was filming in my little town. A police chopper hovered above our house around 9 p.m. last night, shining a spotlight a few hundred yards away, creating a din in our sleepy hamlet—and threatening to wake the baby.

Didn’t we leave the city for the quietude of the Westchester ‘burbs? What the hell was going on?

I scrolled through the possible causes. There’s a county police headquarters up the road. Maybe a perp escaped? A lunatic—I assume he’s a lunatic–has been holding up hotels and restaurants in the area while wearing a vest (supposedly) made of dynamite sticks. Had he struck again?I was thankful to have Cablevision’s News 12—“as local as local news gets,” the slogan goes–to turn to. Until, that is, I turned on News 12. For the next few hours, they aired week-old clips of the Chappaqua man who was shot, along with his wife, on a lonely stretch of highway, as he lunged at a reporter who asked him if he’d pulled the trigger. They aired clips of Tuckahoe High School winning some football thing. They did weather—warm all week! They did everything, it seemed, but the story about the manhunt going on in my backyard. It didn’t even warrant a mention on the crawl, or on the News 12 Website. Turns out it was the dynamite-vest guy on the loose, having bolted a Wendy’s not a mile from us before scoring the loot. I learned that from today’s newspaper. The story wasn’t just in my backyard—it was in News 12’s as well. By Michael Malone