Networks Infiltrate YouTube


So, this is sort of funny. Per their deal to promote each other’s services, NBC and YouTube started a user channel for the network where they house clips and outtakes of NBC shows. Apparently, per NBC’s channel profile, the network is an 80-year-old woman named from Burbank named Pamela. “Pamela,” apparently an active member – she logged in four hours ago - has had 91,744 channel views in its 3 months as a YouTube member. The YouTube channel called “CBS” appears to have been started by that network, as all the videos on the page are from CBS shows. Per the channel’s profile, CBS is a 34 year-old, who does not provide details on its gender or location. YouTube’s ABC channel does not appear to have anything to do with the network; it features just two videos, neither of which is from an ABC show.

By Anne Becker