Nets Set Papal Conclave Coverage


The network and cable news networks are all heading to Rome as the Catholic Church prepares to elect its next pope. The 115 cardinal-electors will cast their first ballot Tuesday afternoon, after which they will vote twice each morning and twice each afternoon. The networks will produce special reports for each ballot until a new leader is selected, with the cablers in continuing coverage. The coverage plans by network are as follows

Chris Cuomo and Anderson Cooper will lead CNN’s coverage live from location in Rome. Ben Wedeman, Miguel Marquez, Dan Rivers and Becky Anderson will report for the network, with Adriana Hauser and Jose Levy for CNN en Espanol. CNN Vatican analyst John Allen will contribute.

On ABC, Diane Sawyer will lead coverage, anchoring ABC World News from the Vatican starting Monday. She will lead Good Morning America’s coverage with Josh Elliott reporting from St. Peter’s Square. Terry Moran will anchor Nightline from Rome starting Monday. David Wright, Cokie Roberts, Ron Claiborne and Cecilia Vega will all contribute with Sawyer in Rome.

Lester Holt leads coverage for NBC News and Chris Jansing for MSNBC. Contributors across both networks will include NBC News’ Anne Thompson, Keir Simmons, Claudio Lavanga and George Weigel along with Father Robert Barron, Father John Bartunek and author Elizabeth Lev.

On CBS, Scott Pelley will anchor the CBS Evening News from Vatican City starting Monday. CBS This Morning co-hosts Charlie Rose and Norah O’Donnell are broadcasting the program live from Vatican City with reports from correspondents Allen Pizzey and Mark Phillips. Papal consultants Monsignor Anthony Figueiredo and Delia Gallagher will also be part of the network’s coverage.

Shepard Smith will anchor from Rome for Fox News with correspondents Amy Kellogg and Lauren Green.