Net Neutrality in 140 Characters

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Reaction to the FCC’s proposed network neutrality draft order was coming in faster than it could be digested and summarized in real time Wednesday, so here is the end-of-the day twitter version (140 characters or less, not including names and titles) of some of the comments that did not make it into other stories:

American Cable Association President Matt Polka: “A Title II framework would have imposed large and burdensome costs on small cable operators that offer broadband service.”

Jason Rosenbaum, PCCC Senior Online Campaigns Director: “The proposal from FCC Chairman Genachowski isn’t Net Neutrality, it’s a corporate giveaway.”

Insight Communications CEO Michael Willner: “This is a compromise that gives nobody everything that they wanted and everybody something.”

NAACP: “We believe that the FCC’s proposal will help foster equal access to affordable and sustainable broadband and stimulate job creation in all communities.”

The Writers Guild of America, East:
“We oppose a plan that would permit ISPs or other providers to charge consumers for access to ‘fast lanes’ which would distribute content more quickly….”

Parul Desai, Policy Counsel for Consumers Union: “This is just the beginning of the process; we’re eager to work with the FCC in establishing viable and sensible rules.”

Fred Humphries, Microsoft: “We believe that today’s net neutrality proposal from the FCC represents an important step forward.”

Charlie Ergen, EchoStar: “DISH Network applauds Chairman Genachowski for moving forward on critically important net neutrality rules.”

ACLU: “While the proposed rule is a good start toward protecting Internet openness, it does not go far enough to protect free speech for certain communications systems.”

Rep. Gene Green ( D-Tex.): “I certainly welcome any departure from the ‘third way’ proposal circulated earlier this year.”

National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners: “While we need to see the details of [the FCC’s] proposal, we hope it will recognize the critical role State commissions play in furthering these initiatives.”

Venture Capitalist Jed Katz: “As a technology venture capitalist representing hundreds of millions of dollars in investment, I strongly support your proposed rules.”

 Nonprofit World Growth Senior Advisor James K. Glassman: “While the reported solution is not perfect, it will provide a large dose of regulatory certainty to spur investment and innovation…”