Neal Shapiro's Rookie Season

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Interesting story in the NY Times today about Neal Shapiro’s first year at PBS station WNET New York–the former NBC News president’s struggles with the slow pace of getting projects onto the air, his fundraising efforts, and his successes with specials like New York Goes to War and one about the Virginia Tech massacre. 

Reporter Elizabeth Jensen also comments on Shapiro’s strong management style. 

Mr. Shapiro may have been learning the ropes, but he hasn’t been shy about putting his at times unorthodox stamp on WNET and his own team in place. Four of the station’s top executives have left, including those overseeing communications and brand management, online operations and institutional fund-raising. Tammy Robinson, who has run WNET’s programming for 12 years, began a one-year sabbatical this month for what the station said were health reasons. Through WNET, she declined to comment.

It’s a good read.