NBC's "Celebrity Circus" Not the Greatest Show on Earth


At one point in last night’s Celebrity Circus on NBC, judge Aurelia Cats was assessing the unimpressive performance of singer-turned-aerialist Blu Cantrell.

“Blu, I’m sorry, but for me, there was nothing.”

Blu’s reply to the judge’s harsh assessment? “I think it’s bullcrap, actually.”

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen – two concise remarks that summarize, just as cogently, my reaction to TV’s latest reality-TV embarrassment.

I’m sorry, but for me, there was nothing.  I think it’s bullcrap, actually.

Joey Fatone, wasting no time in squandering the goodwill he generated by competing on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, presided over these sad proceedings wearing a red ringmaster’s outfit. The alleged celebrities, from Wee Man to Rachel Hunter, were so faded or faint that, had Kathy Griffin taken part, the D-List maven would have been the most shining star. If there’s an F list, these people belong on it.

And if there’s a reality show too low for Kathy Griffin, maybe it shouldn’t be on TV in the first place.

The CBS debacle Secret Talents of the Stars, a similar live showcase of questionable performers and performances, was canceled after a single airing. If the same fate befalls Celebrity Circus, then the TV gods will have delivered justice swiftly, and correctly, once again.