NBC Shows TV's Highs And Lows


If you want to see the highs and lows of network television these days, you had to look no further than NBC’s lineup Tuesday and Wednesday night.

First, NBC has its latest installment of I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here, which basically focused on a couple of reality TV “stars,” Spencer and Heidi Pratt. Spencer, who actually refers to he and his wife in the third person by their tabloid name “Speidi,” actually makes Janice Dickinson seem likeable by comparison.  That alone is impressive.

Apparently all NBC can do to sell this show – which is a remake of an old concept that basically marries Survivor with Fear Factor — is to have a big scandal about these two idiots quitting the show and then returning every episode.  Then again, it got me to tune in Tuesday night, so maybe I am the biggest loser after all.  Well done, NBC.

But following the “unscripted” show, the network had its two-night Brian Williams special behind the scenes at the White House.  I don’t care about silly attempts at politically-charged controversy about anchors bowing or Presidents endorsing Conan, this was a wonderful use of the broadcasting airwaves.

Sure it wasn’t as “behind the scenes” as any of us West Wing die-hards would have liked, and obviously everything that cameras caught (such as Obama’s book placed just right on a desk) was contrived, but it still was an hour of television worthy of the brand that NBC is striving to once again become.

Well done to NBC and Williams for such a noble project.  I only wish it was that which NBC was showcasing four nights a week for a month, and not its lead-in.