NBC Considering National 5 PM Program?


Interesting piece in the NY Observer about WNBC New York’s supposed plans to scrap its iconic “Live at Five” news with a lifestyle program, and making the new program available to affiliates nationwide.

Writes Felix Gillette:

Sources at the station believe that the new lifestyle show will likely involve Sara Gore (a correspondent for LX.TV who appears frequently on NBC’s new local digital channel, New York Nonstop) and perhaps a yet-to-be-determined male anchor.  

NBC announced its three-tiered plan for affiliates just last week; one wonders if opting in for a 5 p.m. lifestyle program is part of one of the membership plans, which NBC said it has devised to enhance the affiliate-network relationship.

WNBC, hit as hard by layoffs as any station, has certainly stepped up its lifestyle content since acquiring LX.TV. From what I could tell, the plans for its new digital channel NY Nonstop morphed from a 24-7 news channel to a mix of lifestyle and news, with a lot more lifestyle than news.

At the moment of this writing, NBCNewYork.com features large pix of Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton on its homepage.

NBC/WNBC reps did not return calls at presstime. Stay tuned…