A 'Narrow Stance' Candidate


Fred Thompson announced his candidacy for president on the Leno show last night to the surprise of absolutely noone having telegraphed the move for months.

I guess that means that the other qualified federal candidates for that job can count up the minutes he appeared after the announcement and ask NBC stations for the same amount of time.

But unfortunately for the other candidates,  the equal time (actually equal opportunities) rule does not extend to asking Jay Leno to come up with funny bumper stickers for them.

My favorite of Leno’s suggestions for the conservative former Tennessee Senator: "Fred Thompson: He Takes a Narrow Stance." By the way, will a legislator’s sudden reluctance to stick with his decision to resign after being caught in a men’s room henceforth be referred to as "stalling?"

I’ve got to give Thompson points for loyalty. Having been a longtime fixture on NBC’s Law & Order, he went to that network’s late night show to make his candidacy official.

Asked why he dissed a Republican debate for the Leno show, Thompson said it was harder to get on Tonight than into a Republican debate.

Ba da bum, bish!