My Favorite Thing About This Sunday’s 'Simpsons'


 One of my favorite things about The Simpsons is the couch gag. Every week, the show has Bart writing some pithy comment or another on a chalkboard, then he skateboards through Springfield on his way home, and the family (or some variation thereof) ends up on the couch in front of the TV.

A few months back the show ran a variation of the title sequence with live actors (below), this week’s title sequence one may top even that.

For this Sunday’s season premiere, the gag lasts the whole title sequence, but unless you have seen The Simpsons Movie, you may not get the joke. For those who have seen the Simpsons Movie, think back to the state of disarray Springfield was in at the end, now imagine the opening sequence with all that disarray intact. I dare not say more, but it is very funny for those in the know.

The episode Sunday also marks Stephen Colbert’s debut on the show as a “life coach” to Homer. Colbert holds his own, with the character he plays halfway in between his TV persona and real life nice guy.

The plot is nothing new, with a similar premise to a number of older, better episodes, still, all in all, a solid start to a show that has seen its share of ups and downs over the years. And the opening scene, while fleeting, was quite enjoyable.