Munch's Screen

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If Edvard Munch had painted "The Screen," it might have shown a man bemoaning his inability to hook up an HD set.

We may need to take another look at the anticipated record sales of big-screen TV's just before the Super Bowl to make sure those sets stay put.

According to a fun trivia fact from media communications agency Carat, returns of big screen TV's "hit a record high the week after the Super Bowl."

Turns out that is an old number, but Shari Anne Brill, VP, director of programming, predicts that even if the predictions of huge DH set sales this week pan out, there will be a lot of unhappy campers come Bowl day.

She says she bets most people won't be able to figure out how to install them in time, or, if they have cable as do the majority of viewers, won't know they have to have an HD box and will wind up with a picture worse than their current one.

"There is a huge lack of consumer awareness," she says.

By John Eggerton