Multicast Channels Spark Cord-Cutting in KC


Interesting piece from Aaron Barnhart in the Kansas City Star about the subchannel offerings in Kansas City, and the decent lineup of channel offerings there for those who choose to cut ties with their subscription TV operator.

Barnhart writes:
No fewer than 20 channels are flying through the Kansas City airwaves. Two were added in September alone. They feature an increasingly diverse range of programs: old-time TV shows and movies, lifestyle, cooking, home improvement, sports and programs aimed at minority audiences and kids, as well as educational, cultural, informational and inspirational offerings.

Sounds like cable, but these channels are free for the taking. They’re broadcast stations. Their signals emanate from the same towers as Kansas City’s ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox affiliates.

Newer channel offerings in the market include Bounce TV, Me-TV, Antenna TV and Live Well.

With some people saving their pennies in Kansas City, the rabbit ears approach is much cheaper than the monthly cable bill.

Writes Barnhart:

Take Sarah and Shea McGinnity, new parents living in Waldo. They pulled the plug on cable 2 1/2 years ago.

“We decided we were going to concentrate on paying off debt,” Sarah McGinnity said. “Also, we were just married and didn’t want to be stuck in front of the TV. We got an HD antenna for $20 - which we still have - and we got Netflix.”