MTV's 'Megadrive' Takes on 'Jersey Shore's Timeslot

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Now that the second season of Jersey Shore has come to a close, the network is looking to push the limits again in the now-vacant timeslot, though this time instead of doing it with overtanned guidos, it’s going for extreme vehicles.

Megadrive, which premieres Thursday, Nov. 4 at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT for a seven-episode run, features comedian and self-proclaimed horrible driver Johnny Pemberton playing human crash test dummy as he helms semi trucks and fighter jets in search of the ultimate ride.

The format draws comparisons MTV’s Jackass, but Pemberton doesn’t see his show as heir to that other Johnny’s throne. “Those guys are doing stuff I could never do, never would do,” adding, “Ours is more straight comedy as opposed to pie-in-your-face comedy.”

Pemberton says he’s always loved MTV, recalling his first memory of the network was dancing in front of the TV as a kid. Of joining the 30-year-old brand he says, “it’s still there and people are always watching it. It has incredible staying power.”

He admits it is intimidating filling the Jersey Shore timeslot that broke records for MTV — “There’s a lot of pressure to gel my hair and put on bronzer,” Pemberton jokes — “But it’s also kind of awesome, the great expectations can only help us.” Mostly he sees the timeslot as an opportunity to attract that audience to a new show, one that mocks convention in a different way than Jersey Shore does.

How does he plan to attract guido and guidette groupies to a show about extreme vehicles? “Well my little sister went as Snooki for Halloween, so I’ve been posting the pictures to Twitter,” he says, but mostly he’s just trying in general to get the word out about the show.

Pemberton says MTV hopes Megadrive will stay on par with its Pranked lead-in, but says he doesn’t like to have expectations for his own projects for fear of being disappointed, saying he “just want[s] people to give it a chance.”