The Most Trafficked Local TV Site in the Country


Interesting piece on about the nation’s most popular local TV site. Something in New York, you say, or Los Angeles? Hah.

No, it’s not Chicago or Philly either.

It’s freakin’, doing business out of the rocking metropolis of Salt Lake City, the #35 DMA. does 130 million page views a month from 1.4 million unique visitors.

LR says essentially turned itself into Craigslist well before Craigslist took off. launched free classifieds using an off-the-shelf product in 2000, well before Craigslist gained a foothold. In 2006, they upgraded to their own technology — a clean, quick and user-friendly classifieds platform. Today, 75% of those 130 million page views are generated by free classifieds, and ranks #8 in Nielsen-Netratings’ list of top news sites ranked by “sessions per person.” Just about everyone in Salt Lake goes to to buy or sell just about anything. 

Cory Bergman chats with KSL online content director Stephan Bergen at LR. Bergen says:

My predecessors fought hard to keep the free model, bucking the trend to charge for everything. At the time, we were one of very few sites that offered completely free classified listings. Our initial success came mostly by word of mouth, with limited on-air promotion. It literally became viral after a couple of years, as people had continual success with their ads.