This Morning: Google, Croissants, Microsoft and Auletta


At the unholy hour of 8 o'clock this morning, the media elite–and  myself–gathered at the Bryant Park Grill for a Newhouse School in New York Breakfast Panel Series hosted by media reporter Ken Auletta. The event was packed –I could barely squeeze between the tables to find my seat–with everyone from CBS' Larry Kramer to NYT'sJoseph Nocera to a bunch of New Yorker staff members (they were an event sponsor) including David Remnick and Jeffrey Frank .

Auletta's guest were Marissa Mayer, Director of Consumer Web Products for Google and Nathan Myhrvold, Founder and CEO of Intellectual Ventures. The topic was "A Look Over the Horizon" and the two very smart, very engaging panelists discussed a wide array of topics from the expected (Google's recent purchase of YouTube), to the personal (how copyright law essential built Myhrvold's house and therefore his twin boys must respect it even if that means the neighborhood kids think they are dumb for STILL paying for downloaded music), to the big trends online (OK Go treadmill video) to the future of everything from current search engine methods, to movie theaters, to whether or not The New YorkTimes will continue to a-thumpeth at your door in the morning. 

By Caroline Palmer