More All Emmy, All the Time


When I first saw the opening of the Emmys Sunday night, I was worried. I had earlier seen a news cut-in about the plane crash earlier in the day in Kentucky and the show opening's Lost et. al.parody featuring some white-knuckle footage of a plane going down with Conan aboard jarred.

Had I been NBC, I might have started the clip with Conan on the island instead, abreviating it enough to take away the sting of what was likely a story on local news cut-ins on a number of NBC stations.

Still, it was a neat opening, with Conan popping Zelig-like in and out of TV shows, including South Park and House–before winding up on the Emmy stage.

So, isn't "tits" one of the no-no words of Carlin fame. NBC seemed fine with a couple of  unbleeped "ass over tits," one from Helen Mirren, who is British and thus perhaps that gets her a pass, then repeated by Calista Flockhart, and yet again by her co-presenter, both seemingly tickled by Mirren's phrase.

Well, I guess we'll see if that phrase passes muster in Washington.

By John Eggerton