Mindy Cohn sighting golden to party-goers


Mark Burnett and friends threw quite a lavish party for the launch of his latest baby, Gold Rush, in Hollywood Tuesday night.

Held at a trendy Hollywood hot spot, the indoor/outdoor soiree featured a fun idea with food servers dressed in t-shirts proclaiming what was on their trays (the “Lobster” lady was popular, the “Foie Gras” dude was often lonely).

The people watching was also solid, as names like Tori Spelling and Felicity Huffman stood out from a crowd made up heavily of people from the ad community, while the Rock Star castoffs hung out at the bar.

But there was one name that you heard people murmuring quietly all night: Natalie.Yes, none other than Facts of Life star Mindy Cohn was in attendance, and people just seemed to love seeing her, as I constantly overheard people talking about her.  Nice to know this town still appreciates the classics.

On a side note, full marks to Burnett, who was there late in the night despite a looming 8:45 taping for the Rock Star finale the next morning.

But when I whined to him about the early taping which I will also be attending, he simply laughed.“Are you kidding me? I have to be up at 4:30 to do The Early Show. How awful is that?”

So apparently the poor schmuck peddling the Foie Gras wasn’t going to have the roughest night after all.

By Ben Grossman