Migliozzi Is "Foamsourcing" for Pabst


Just think of it as “foamsourcing.”

Ad agency exec Michael Migliozzi, perhaps best-known to B&C readers as the guy who rebranded the Prayer Channel using the Devil as a spokeserpson, says in a release making the rounds Wednesday that his ad agency, Forza Migliozzi, in tandem with the Ad Store, has raised $3 million in its crowdsourcing bid to buy Pabst Brewing Co.

Migliozzi already tried a version of crowdsourcing ads that didn’t fly. He attempted unsuccessfully last year to sell NBC on a co-op Super Bowl ad in his former life as a partner in Cesario Migliozzi.

The $3 million is about 1% of what they will need for the purchase price of Pabst, so the odds appear stacked against them. But like a six-pack’s worth of beer, it’s all about the buzz anyway.

The buy for those wishing to become a part of the blue-ribbon committee running the brewery is five dollars. That is the “bottle” level, followed by “Six Pack Membership” ($25), “Case” ($100) and Brewmeister ($250,000).

The agencies will supply each pledge with the concomitant amount of beer, though it is unclear whether the $250,000 will actually secure brewing rights.