Michigan J. Rooster


The new CW had something to crow* about Thursday night, tying Fox for fourth at a 1.9/5 thanks to strong numbers from the CW premiere of Smallville, which averaged a 2.2/6 at 9-10.

That gives me an idea. The CW needs its own Michigan J. something-or-other. Remember that "Trylon and Perisphere" thing going on with UPN's logo? What was that? I once asked somebody over there and they couldn't explain it. I'm sure somebody knew, though.

But I digress.

How about a rooster crowing, with the "CW" worked into the "crow" graphically. It's like a peacock, only less exotic. And roosters can never lay an egg.

I have another idea. With Celebrity Duets rightfully tanking on Fox week after week in Thursday night–or is it almost over?–how about putting a House repeat there instead for people who missed it on Tuesday at 8 and don't have a TiVo and who still can't get their cable-TV-DVD-Tape machine hookup–with the three wires you have to pull out every time you go from Tape to DVD to Game Boy–to successfully tape anything.

Not that I, a technical wizard, know anyone personally with that particular, incredibly frustrating, secnario. By the way. Anybody have a tape of this week's House?

I'm so full of…ideas

By John Eggerton