Memo To CBS: Time To Bring 'Star Trek' Back To TV


CBS Corp. which owns the TV rights to Star Trek, should take a long hard look at the possibility of beaming the series back to TV sets.

I am not the first to speculate on a new Trek series, but having now seen the upcoming movie (opening May 7), I can say that Paramount has a smash hit franchise on their hands, and has breathed new life into a dead property.

The new movie successfully brings the campy TV series and classic theatrical franchise into the 21st century. The script is funny, the action is exciting, and the special effects are spectacular. Now, a new TV series would not be able to replicate the action or effects, but with some sharp writers (Heroes and Pushing Daisies‘ Bryan Fuller has expressed interest), there is an excellent chance of success.

Last night at the Viacom screening, CEO Philippe Dauman seemed genuinely thrilled with the final product, a reaction made clear by the studio’s greenlighting of a sequel last month… well before the film’s release. Dauman said he would have been happy to give the go ahead to additional sequels based on the first installment alone, though no such order has been given yet.

Yes, as James Hibberd points out in his blog, there are many, many hurdles to bringing Star Trek back to TV, but that should not stop the parties involved from trying to make it happen. It is only logical, after all.

If the revamped Star Trek movie does not bring the classic sci fi series back into the zeitgeist, nothing ever will. Handled properly, the Star Trek franchise will, without a doubt, continue to live long and prosper.