Megyn Kelly is Ready For Glenn Beck's Spot

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As Roger Ailes looks to fill the anchor chair soon to be vacated by Glenn Beck, he very well won’t have to look too far. I think Fox News’ own Megyn Kelly is ready for that slot.

In March, this magazine named a list of names you were going to know more about before the year was over. And there was only one on-air news or opinion host: America Live anchor Megyn Kelly.

In March, we noted some outlets like to typecast Kelly because she happens to be a blond-haired woman and did a photo shoot for GQ last year under the headline “She Reports, We Decided She’s Hot.”

That’s a mistake. She’s got good journalism chops and - no matter what your politics are - she’s a TV star who is not afraid to mix it up on camera. Hey, if Jon Stewart is taking shots at you (which he has), you are already a big name. She also has the tools to play big on Fox News: she’s a dynamic personality, great on camera, and polarizing as hell.

At the time, I wrote: “If Fox News ever ends up looking to make a move later in the day on its schedule, there’s a good chance its next high profile star is already working in the building.”

One month later, there is an opening. And Kelly should at least get a good look from Ailes.