Me, Oprah and Everyone Else


Since you don’t hear nearly enough about Twitter these days, I just want to mention that I’ve been tooling around on it the last few weeks to both send some quick updates out about what I’m working on, and see how stations are using it to do the same. (Wow, WFTV really cranks out the Tweets.)

I got on board because a session at RTNDA last month showed me that microblogging goes a lot further than sharing what you had for lunch, and, of course, because I was ashamed that Oprah started Twittering before I did.

Of course, if recent Twitter stats are any indication, I’ll quit Twitter within the month.

It’s worth mentioning that, while digging up the link to what I wrote about RTNDA last month, I found this B&C editorial on Twitter from April 2007.

Wrote Larry Honig, our resident futurist at the time, over two years ago:

A maximal time waster, it’s also oddly addictive. Usage has doubled every month since it started, and I’ll go out on a limb and predict that Twitter will thrive.

Honig was perhaps the first to use the “All A-Twitter” reference in the headline, with about 8 million journalists doing it after him, and each one thinking he or she is being clever.

Anyway, assuming I don’t become a Twitter Quitter next month, visit me on @StationBiz. Let me know of some good station-level Twitterers. Follow me if you feel so inclined.