McNamara's Broadband


OK, I want to be the first to call it “McNamara’s Broadband” now that the FCC has officially asked to move the new broadband plan deadline date to March 17.

The FCC routinely gives others a break with deadlines at holiday times, so I have no problem with the move, though the date is troubling to anyone who cherishes donning a plastic green leprechaun hat rather than a green eyeshade the evening of March 17.

I have it on good authority the broadband team was busting its hump to get the thing done, and that it might have been able to be written up in time for the deadline, just not in time to also vet it with the commissioners and get all the input needed from stakeholders.

FCC broadband advisor Blair Levin and company were burning the candle at three ends, but with all the data dropped on them by the open and transparent and collegial and accessible process that is now the FCC’s–and Obama administration’s–mandate, it just was not doable.

At any rate, now the deadline is actually on a holiday, St. Patrick’s Day. If the team does finish up by then, they will deserve to indulge in one of the primary rituals of the day, and I don’t mean singing an off-key version of Danny Boy.

Of  course, the move may also be a way for the FCC to get back at journalists hounding it for info on the plan. Once they are done, probably not bright and early on the 17th, we will have to be doing some poring, rather than pouring.*

*If you drink, do so responsibly and don’t drive