McCain Wins 'Democratic' Nomination


Did CNN have Democrats on the brain Wednesday night?

Covering last night’s roll call vote at the Rebublican National Convention, the news network kept a running count as the delegate total climbed. Then, after Arizona took to the microphone to put Senator John McCain over the top, CNN posted the victory graphic, which it presumably had lots of time to prepare, proclaiming that McCain "officially wins the Democratic nomination."

Image courtesy of photobucket.

Come again?

The graphic remained on the screen for quite a few seconds before being replaced with one that was at least more correct–"McCain Officially Wins Nomination"–but for some reason did not simply replace "Democratic" with "Republican."

In addition, the red background that had been behind the "McCain as Democrat" graphic miscue was replaced with a blue background, which arguably only reinforced the mistake given the whole red state, blue state thing.

I would argue that graphics have not been CNN’s strong suit, given my early confusion with the Democratic convention graphic that remained onscreen even during a McCain ad slamming Obama.

The CNN coverage, on the other hand, has been solid, if somewhat crowded given the army of pundits it has lined up on site in Denver and even more back in New York.

I do have a bone to pick with CNN and its citation of stories "incoming" instead of "coming in" to the Situation Room, CNN’s afternoon news program. I guess it is supposed to suggest important stories being fired at the network like missiles from all over the country, but it just sounds affected to me, like the litany of "best political team" references that crop up as frequently as Head On commercials.