McCain VP Pick Said To Be Former TV Sports Reporter


Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who will be Senator John McCain’s pick for vice president according to his campaign Web site, is also a former TV sports reporter in her home state of Alaska, according to various reports.

Palin apparently tried her hand at broadcasting for a couple of years after coming in second in the Miss Alaska pageant in 1984. The beauty pageant-on-air reporter route is a familiar career track in the broadcast business.

Palin, is a self-described "hockey mom" who became a political reformer, has been Alaska governor since 2006 and was a mayor before that.

She also ran on a reform agenda, including lobby reform. Don’t know the connection, but Sen. Ted Stevens, former Republican chairman and ranking member of the Senate Commerce Committee, was swept up in a probe of his connections to an oil company in the state. He currently awaits trial on charges related to that probe.

But I do know that Steven’s advocacy for the federally funded "bridge to nowhere" put him at odds with Palin, who claims to have said the state would pay for its own bridge it if needed one.